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Yuki's Journey: From a Confining Cage to Thriving with a Loving Family

Updated: May 31

Discarded Like Trash

Yuki's story began in a really tough place. When we found her, she was in bad shape—thin, covered in her own feces, and abandoned by her previous owner. She had gone through more hardship than anyone should ever endure.

When she was rescued, she was a quarter of the weight she should have been and covered in sores, some of which were acid burns from her own urine, and others were pressure sores from lying in the same position, unable to move.

Our team initially thought her spine was broken because she couldn’t stand or walk, but the reality was even more heartbreaking. She had never been given the chance to walk, and her bones were deformed from confinement and severe malnutrition.

Yuki Slowly Learns to Walk

Slowly, with lots of care and love, our team at Pawsitive Sanctuary helped Yuki learn to walk, and she began to get healthier despite her damaged skeletal structure. Unfortunately, her bones were so deformed from malnutrition that they cannot be fixed, not even by specialists in Canada.

The severe confinement and lack of nutrition made every bone grow wrong, and you can’t rebuild a whole skeleton. This deformity didn't stop her from learning to walk and becoming a playful little pup again.

Getting Comfortable With Humans Again

Yuki was severely traumatized by humans but slowly started to open up to our team. With time and patience, she learned to give and receive love again.

Loving Adopter from Canada Reaches Out To Us

Lara from Montreal, Canada had been keeping up with Yuki's journey through our Instagram page and reached out to us for adoption - we were absolutely thrilled that our little angel would be able to find a loving home she had always deserved. We flew Yuki to Canada (with the help of your donations) and there, she was greeted with a new sibling and the most loving owner we could have imagined!

"Yuki is full of life, light, love, and “puppy wonder.” Everything is fun and exciting for her, and she loves everyone who comes into our house. She’s obsessed with her big sister, who’s also a dog that endured the worst of what humans are capable of. Now, they are kindred spirits who play endlessly and find so much comfort in each other. " - Lara, Yuki's adopter in Mtl, Canada.

Happy Ever After

With her new loving family in Montreal, Yuki always seems to be beaming with joy despite her health deformity. We couldn't be more grateful for Lara for taking such incredible care of her and spoiling her with infinite love.

"Yuki’s transformation from a terrified, broken puppy to a joyful, loving companion is a testament to the incredible work done by @pawsitivesanctuary and the power of love and care."  Lara, Yuki's adopter in Mtl, Canada.

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