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Minnie's Story

Minnie went from the streets in India (after her family was run over by a reckless driver) to a happy home in Canada. She's adopted by a kind family in Canada. 

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Yuki's Story

Yuki was starved to near death, thrown out like garbage and we believe she lived her 1st year of life, in a cage too small to even stand. Now she's in Montreal, Canada with her new, loving and incredible owner and she's enoying her new siblings too!


Benny's Story

After getting extremely wounded, Benny was suffocated in a plastic bag by his own owners. Thankfully, someone called us and we rescued him right away and now he's adopted by a wonderful man in Toronto, Ontario through the help of Stray Dog Support!


Tom's Story

Tom, a beloved cat, endured the trauma of electrocution, which left him with severe burns. Through 6 months of compassionate care and treatment, he bravely persevered and eventually was adopted to a loving owner in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Beena's Story

Beena, born blind, found sanctuary with us for 1 year, receiving care and undergoing spaying. She was then joyfully adopted by a loving family in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Simu's Story

Saved from a life-threatening situation where she was being poisoned, Simu found a loving home in Toronto and now models for Walmart!  @simu_in_canada


Leo's Story

Leo was picked up by our team as a puppy because his mother was blind. We picked up Leo, his siblings (Enu) and his mother from the streets and now Leo has been adopted in Toronto, Canada! His name is Rami now and you can follow his journey at @rami.thedog


Nancy's Story

Discarded by breeders and chained to a pole in extreme heat, Nancy suffered great distress as a young girl. After rescuing her and nursing her to health, she was adopting to a loving owner in Pennsylvania, USA through the help of Stray Dog Support!


Jerry's Story

Jerry, a vulnerable cat, was discovered as a paralyzed kitten after a horrific encounter with stray dogs on the streets. With care and time spent at our shelter, he recovered and was adopted with Tom into the same home by a compassionate family in Niagara Falls.


Nikki's Story

Only a few months old, Nikki was struck by a car and was dragging herself through the streets. She was sent to various vets with no luck. We listed her for adoption, sparking her journey to finding a loving owner in Canada and better health!


Silky's Story

Meet Silky, a resilient soul abandoned on the streets of India. Her remarkable journey unfolds as she discovers her forever home in Toronto, under the care of celebrity Hilary Farr.


Enu's Story

Enu is Leo's brother and both were picked up at the same time. He had a blind mother and needed emergency care when we found him on the streets. After nursing him back to health, he is now adopted in Toronto, Canada to a loving family. 


Bholu's Story

Bholu was the victim of human cruelty. We nursed him back to health at our shelter and thankfully, someone wonderful stepped forward to adopt him in Chicago, USA. He's healthy and happy now as we can see what kindness and love can do for a creature.

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Heera's Story

We found Heera abandoned in a drain, where tragically, his siblings were killed by human cruelty. He was discovered crying in the drain, desperate for rescue. With tender care, we raised him back to health. After 1 year, he found a forever home in Toronto.

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